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learn the traditions of karate in a fun, safe and encouraging environment

Karate kids

Karate classes for children in a happy and safe karate school


Karate for Kids happy student

Our karate classes for children in West Lindfield and Willoughby are super fun and super popular. 

Karate for Kids provides karate instruction for children in a safe, happy and encouraging environment where your children will be looked after by qualified staff, have fun, get fit and be active. With our karate classes they will learn self defence skills, learn how to deal with other kids at school as well as developing personal discipline and confidence while having fun and making new friends. Our classes have one instructor and one assistant on duty for every class.

TERM THREE, 2014 starts July 14th. Spaces still available.

Where are we?

LINDFIELD: Karate for Kids classes are held in the Lindfield Community Hall, West Lindfield. This is a central location, at the local West Lindfield shops and a short drive from adjoining suburbs including Chatswood, Lane Cove, Lindfield, Killara, Gordon, Pymble and St Ives. Some of our students travel from Ryde, and Forestville so it's closer than you think!

WILLOUGHBY: Classes are held in the Willoughby Park Centre so we are close to Chatswood, Artarmon, Castle Cove, Lane Cove, Northbridge and Crows Nest.

How old do you have to be?

At Karate for Kids we teach children as young as 5 years old. 

Separate or all together?

Some Martial Arts schools teach everyone all together but at our karate club we run separate classes for different age groups. This seems to work best. There are no "Beginners Classes" so new kids are encouraged to learn at their own pace. Training with kids your own age is more fun and more rewarding and has a knock on effect of teaching tolerance and understanding. 

Why are we called Karate for Kids?

We are called Karate for Kids because we only teach kids. No adults in our Karate for Kids classes, ever... 

The Principal

The Principal of Karate for Kids is Sensei Caroline Manly. She's been training in and teaching Karate for 25+ years and now looks after the running of the school exclusively. She is happy to welcome her new Instructor, Sensei Marc, who joined the school at the start of 2014. Her assistant instructors are all graded black belt with a good understanding of how to teach kids. All of the instructors have been checked by the Department of Education Working with Children Check. 


Unlike some Martial Arts schools, the Instructors and Helpers at Karate for Kids are all over 18 years so they have a few life skills and the maturity to manage lots of kids. 

Classes focus on... 

Parents often don't know what to look for in a school of martial arts - Should the classes focus on

To say a martial arts school only teaches Self Defence is very limiting as learning self defence skills should be seen as developing "life skills" - coping with all the things life throws at you, working with others, building personal discipline, growing in confidence and learning to be the person you were meant to be. 

The classes are...

Karate for Kids classes are dynamic and fun and they suit everyone. We never focus on any ONE thing but make sure the classes are well rounded, incorporating games, fitness activities, self defence skills and basic techniques.   

Confidence boosting

The instructors at Karate For Kids will show your children how to do the techniques properly.  By joining us your children will be encouraged to learn how to do the skills properly so they won't hurt themselves or each other and they'll learn that karate is for the dojo (training hall), with other karate friends or to be used in self defence and not as a way of bullying other children at school. Sensei Caroline, Sensei Marc and the assistant Instructors take this last point very seriously and promote the idea of using karate to boost kids' confidence. In every class kids are reminded that karate is to never to be used to bully other children. Using karate skills in an aggressive manner is totally against the concepts and principles taught at Karate for Kids.

Testimonial from a parent

"Thankyou Sensei very much for your kind words. My son is really enjoying his training with Karate for Kids and I have seen a huge improvement in him already. He has tried other karate schools but none of them match your ability and patience with the kids. Once again Thank you, you're a great teacher." Peter

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